Facebook Community Manager: What It's Really About

It's not just Facebook chatting

When you hear the words, Community Manager (CM) you might think of someone who spends their days chatting up on Facebook and wishing its followers a good Friday.

However, this is a communication specialist who is in charge of creating and handling the presence of a brand, institution or cause through social and/or digital media, blogs or any type of digital communication.

Thus, a good community manager should be considered a communication expert, given that at the same time he/she knows about marketing, publicity, public relations and market studies.

If we'd tried to encompass the basic functions of a community manager, we'd have to set three main ones:

1.- Create the brand experience.This means that the person in charge of social media should provide its target with information regarding the brand, its identifying values while at the same time creating positive feeling towards the brand. To achieve it, a community manager not only creates attractive content, but also thinks on what the user expects to find within their brand.

2. Create communication channels.Social media was created to socialize, which is why the person in charge of it should be aware of the interaction with its audience is a must to stay up to date. Nowadays, a brand who doesn't respond to social media is practically invisible.

3. Create a performance analysis. A strategy with no measure is an unreliable strategy. There are many tools that were made to support our monthly and weekly activities, giving us insight regarding the brand and users behavior.

It's important that a Community Manager stays creative and is inventive with the creation and planning of content, there is no need in trying to be funny when the content is already attractive.

Our collaborators at eContact, have a group led by a Social Media Manager whose purpose is to represent accounts with agreeable content that goes with of it brands.

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