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The Best Place in Tijuana For That Coffee and Donuts Combo

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There's this area in the La Cacho neighborhood in Tijuana where a lot of coffee shops have made their way into people's heart, even though the cake and cookies most of the time are from Costco (sorry... but they're still great!). However, not every place has fallen into this trap, because Errant Café makes all kinds of donuts with exotic flavors, such as lavender and green tea with coconut. Desserts that won't let anyone down, accompanied with a coffee that tastes better than any franchise.

Behind the coffee bar are Jose, Ramses, Alejandra (cousins), Leonardo, a lawyer who is a coffee lover but also responsible for the tube lamp that stands out the coffee shop, and Rodrigo, the new barista.

It may look like these tough guys have nothing in common with their surrounding, having huge beards and strong arms are something you don't expect when you enter this place full of sweet donuts, but again we are reminded that one should never judge a book by its cover. Besides, the taste of these treats are amazing.

They started this business with nothing more than love for "munchies", family tradition and enthusiasm for coffee. Plans got bigger and after two years they finally decided to open Errant Cafe. They've been open five months, and donuts disappear early every day. Even if these donuts have peculiar flavor options, you just need to see them to understand… I mean, just LOOK AT THEM.

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

I know you just fell in love, but you need to pay attention to the coffee too, Errant Cafe is the only place in Tijuana that works with coffee grains with a toaster from Olympia, a recognized company of Washington. Although this is pretty good news, there's more; this coffee shop collaborates with farms in Kenia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Colombia, and Oaxaca, one of the best states in Mexico to drink coffee.

Yes, the espresso machine and grains are great, but this coffee shop is also one of the few places in Tijuana that offers several forms of coffee preparation (chemex, aeropress, french press and dripper). Every kind changes the flavor and coffee texture.

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

Photo: Instagram errantcafe

I've been here a couple of times... there was this occasion where I arrived around 4:00 pm and the second round of donuts was gone, they told me that they will be ready in a while, so I decided to go and make some time, I asked for a latte and I left. When I came back one of the guys came to me with a donut and said " you said you were going to come back, so we saved you one of our most famous donuts."

It doesn't really matter if you're only in it for the donuts or for the coffee, if you prefer the combination or if you're seeking for flavors as lemon, tropical fruits or simple chocolate, the only thing that matters is that the experience is worth it.

The address is Avenida Guanajuato 3220 Madero and they close at 9:00 pm. Manage your time and go for an unforgettable visit.

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