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New Episode of MasterChef Mexico Takes Place at an Ensenada Winery

At the Valley of Guadalupe in Ensenada, the city where Judge Benito Molina resides

The Mexican version of the popular TV show, MasterChef, has captivated many viewers and is currently on the third season recordings after an arduous search across the country to find the best cooks.

Last weekend, some photos were leaked to social networks where you can see the new cooks of the third season already competing. The noteworthy thing is that for the first time, the location was the Valley of Guadalupe wine region near the city of Ensenada.

This was the photograph that confirmed the recording at Monte Xanic winery in the Guadalupe Valley. Photo: Mauricio Parra

One of the Masterchef Mx judges, Benito Molina, lives in Ensenada, and even has one of the most representative restaurants in the city, "Manzanilla".

The Valley of Guadalupe is a place that stands out for concentrating a large number of restaurants that keep up with the best of the culinary world, where several places have received great recognition worldwide.

According to the photos leaked, the recordings were from the "Monte Xanic" winery, where the blue and red teams had a kitchen challenge. Have they cooked with products from the region?

An instagram user shared what appears to be the dish presented by the blue team, only not many ingredients are perceived. The user gave the dish 3 of 5 stars.

What will the participants of the new MasterChef Mexico season cook? Photo: Alina Marin Instagram

As many viewers have noticed, the episodes of this kind of shows are prerecorded, so it will still be a few months until the audience gets to know the new members of the third season and watch this special episode of Masterchef Mx.


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