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Bajatún Burrito and Tiburón Blanco Beer: The New Symbols of Baja's Culinary Movement

These products, in collaboration with important companies, are part of the virtues of the region

To keep promoting the already wide culinary Baja California has to offer, yesterday, two new products joined the unique creations of the region, which surely will become favorites.

These products are the result of an alliance between the Ministry of Tourism and local companies that have positioned Baja California in a high culinary level thanks to the quality of its products, as well as its historical legacy.

The Ministry of Tourism led the presentation of the products accompanied by representatives of the companies involved.

The "Bajatún Burrito" and the "Tiburón Blanco" beer are from now on two new products that carry all Baja's flavor with regional ingredients by highlighting the virtues of the companies involved in each one of the projects.

The "Bajatún Burrito," was born from the collaboration between the Bol Corona Restaurant and Chef José Figueroa Sánchez, who owns the "La Carmelita" food truck

To make a good burrito you need a good flour tortilla as only Bol Corona has, and on the inside, you can find an explosion of taste between Baja tuna, pork beans, chicharrón, avocado, and delicious sauce. Not bad, right?

This product will be available in two locations: Telefónica Gastro Park, and in all Bol Corona Restaurants in the city of Tijuana with a cost of $85 pesos or $5.00 dlls

On the other hand, Ensenada's brewery, Wendlandt, was in charge of the creation of a brew that will add to the recognition of this brewhouse as it has been doing in the last five years since its opening; They created a new beer called: "Tiburón Blanco" (White Shark).

Referring to the species living on the Island of Guadalupe in the south of Ensenada, "Tiburón Blanco" is a beer that gives you a light drink, a Pilsner with Dry Hop, and aromatics enhanced with extra hop. Ideal for summer.

Eugenio Romero Wendlandt, representative of the brewery, highlighted the properties and the collaboration made for this beer, which you will be able to enjoy during the summer in different parts of the Baja, and of course, in the Wendlandt Taps Room in Ensenada and El Sauzal.

"Tiburón Blanco" of the renowned Wendlandt Brewery of Ensenada.

The purpose of the Ministry of Tourism with these partnerships is to continue the trend and highlight the good things Baja California has to offer. At least 20 other similar collaborations between companies are expected in the region this year.


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Translated by: cristina.mora



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