An Alien and Pink Craft Beer Are the Latest Fad in Tijuana

Something that we've learned in recent months, is that the new capital of craft beer is, without any doubt, Baja California, especially Tijuana, where new and innovative craft beers are the constant subject among beer enthusiasts.

The new brewers in town, committed to offering something unique and original, are mixing flavors, colors, and textures that they would never have imagined to combine when it comes to bringing new drinks.

Such is the case of two breweries in Tijuana, one of them brings us a beer from another planet, and another brewery, a pink color beer with a great flavor.

The "Alien Beer" is a proposal of BrewPub at Plaza Fiesta or Plaza del Zapato, where after a journey of several light years, they brought us a drink from another green fluorescent planet.

What's the flavor? Who better than you to discover it!

On the other hand, Azteca Craft Brewing has stood out with a beer that was born of a "mistake," which resulted in an intense pink colored beer, but at the end, that imperfect characteristic gave it the personality to stand out from the others. The name? La Revu, in honor of the most famous street in Tijuana.

Recently, "La Revu" appeared in an article by the Huffington Post Mexico, where its creators narrated the origin of its pink color and its strawberry flavor that have placed them in the preference of its customers.

Have you tried any of these recent local creations? They are at least interesting, wouldn't you agree?

They aren't the only ones. Early this year we saw Lúdica, with their “Fruity Pebbles” brew. Do you know of any other exotic combinations?

Tell us!

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