Warmer and Windy Days for Tijuana This Week

But not as extreme as two weeks ago

This week, Tijuana will have warmer days compared to last week, not as extreme, but still a bit hot.

The National Meteorological System indicates that temperatures will rise to 80ºF , and it will vary between 75ºF and 77ºF. The weekend would have the warmest days of the week. However, the nights will remain cold with minimum temperatures of up to 49ºF.

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According to a report from Conagua, winds of up to 50 km per hour would be arriving in the Baja California region, with greater intensity in mountainous areas.

Meteored.mx forecasts a warm week starting tomorrow December 5 with every day above 75ºF.

So, basically, it will be just weird.

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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