Costco bread Madness in Tijuana One Day Before Christmas Eve

Does this happens where you live?

The famous "Costco bread" that accompanies all kinds of special dinners/ocassions, has become a Christmas tradition in Tijuana, because every year, the chaos is unleashed in the Costco Stores of the city because of the demand for this spongy appetizer.

This year was not the exception, and one day before Noche Buena, Tijuanenses got up early to get their longed for bread bag. You can imagine the results.

According to a guard who was in the parking lot, people began to line up from 6 in the morning today, December 23.

Throughout the week there have been similar cases, with images that look just like a zombie movie or any other of the end of the world.

Like this other video that has been found in several Facebook profiles:


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