"Haiti Juana," a Concert to Be Held on April at Cine Libertad

Haiti takes over Tijuana

Photo by: Archivo San Diego Red

TIJUANA.- Some of us have already tried their food, now it's time to get to know their music.

So far this year, the Cine Libertad has managed to bring more and more events to the public, so you're not just able to enjoy free movie screenings on weekends, but also, able to support local talent through plays, concerts, etc.

One of these events is "Haiti Juana", a concert where you can have a better approach to the Haitian culture. If you are interested in knowing their culture and their music then you cannot miss the concert that will be held Saturday, April 14 at 6:00 pm.

Admission will cost $130 pesos or $7.00 dlls. Money raised will go to the benefit of the Haitian community that lives in the city. The cinema is located at 5th street Nº384, Libertad, 22400.

More information here.


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