Tijuana Writer Encourages Inmates to Write Their Stories

At the 36th Tijuana Book Fair

A writer from Tijuana, Daniel Salinas, encouraged inmates of the Tijuana prison to write in means of exorcising their "demons."

If you write, "Believe me it's going to be like getting on a ship and traveling far away," Salinas told them, after the talk, some of the inmates raised their hands to question the author and to make some comments.

"Even the most repetitive life can be the greatest adventure if we are able to tell it," the writer added.

One of the inmates told him a story that he wrote some time ago and that was published in a compendium of stories, while another was included in a compilation about people who "have hit rock bottom," but who have managed to overcome and reintegrate in society.

The Tijuana writer supported this idea and recalled that it is not necessary to have studies or speak with great words to tell a good story.


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