Haitian Writes a Book About His Harsh Llife as an Immigrant

Everything he had to endure until he decided to stay in Tijuana

"I do not believe in luck, I believe in opportunities," says Ustin Pascal in an interview for Televisa Tijuana.

Ustin is a 25-year-old boy who arrived in Tijuana a year ago to seek asylum in the United States, but after recognizing that option would not be viable, he decided that he would stay in the city and build a new life.

Experiences he lived in each border he visited, how he managed to continue, and more, is part of what Ustin writes in his book called "Survivor, Citizens of the World."

One of the reasons to stay in Mexico was his little daughter, who got in his life after he fell in love with a girl in Tijuana.

About this, Ustin says:

I believe that in a world where there is no love, it's a world that we have already lost

He adds that Tijuana needs unity and that all humans are equal, "whatever, white, black, we are the same, we are working for the same cause ... Respect for you, respect for me."

Although he already wrote a book about his experiences, Ustin mentions that it is not a book for the public, but for him and his family.


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