Technology promises to accelerate border crossings

Pilots are already being done in Otay

In May at the San Diego Foundation, the Smart Border Coalition invited its members to a working meeting to talk about the innovations that will improve border crossings and reduce wait times for individuals on both sides of the border. Specifically, there was talk about the use of biometrics, technology and connectivity that will reduce wait times at the border in order to promote the region’s economic growth.

To implement this new technology, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and local offices in San Diego have been working closely to assure their programs’ correct deployment in the airport, pedestrian and maritime border crossings. During the presentation titled “How CBP will be using technology for Port Innovation,” Rose Marie Davis, Executive Director of Portfolio Acquisition for CBP and Kent Lewis, Deputy Director of the CBP Office in San Diego, spoke about the work they have been doing together to assure that the implementation of new technologies does not complicate the border crossing.

Soon car’s license plates will be read through sensors that communicate with the CBP’s agents which car is coming and will scan who is driving.

Rose Marie Davis
Executive Director of Portfolio Acquisition for CBP

During her presentation, Rose Marie Davis illustrated a scene that would be possible with the new technology, “in the future, imagine travelling cross-border without a travel document, your face is your passport, it is your boarding pass.” Even though it seems to be a crazy idea, it can be achieved through partnerships; currently ten airports in the U.S. are putting in place face recognition programs to reduce wait times and the Orlando Airport in Florida is investing $4 billion dollars in this type of technology.

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