Only 20 minutes to cross to the US

If you are, just like the majority of the population in San Diego or Tijuana, tired of making hours
crossing the border; we have good news for you.

The torment will cease with the opening of the new Otay International Border II; it will only
take 20 minutes to cross to the US.

çThe Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana (SEDETI) in a recent meeting with the US,
state and local government officials showed advances of the new border crossing.

The US project manager of the commercial corridor of the California Department of
Transportation (CALTRANS) presented their advances.

The Freeway that will be connecting the new border crossing, towards the 905 and 125, is
about to finish a great advance.

The director of land-use planning of the Secretariat of Urban Development of the State, Carlos
Lopez, stated that Tijuana demand on vehicles is very high. He also mentioned that, the new
border crossing will benefit freight transportation and light vehicles.

Yet, unlike any other existing border crossing, the Entrance and Exit Port of Otay Mesa II will
consider a fee charge. Although the amount is not set yet, the charge is expected to be around
$2.35 for private cars and $15.45 for cargo or freight transport.

“In a week or a month we shouldn’t have a delay in the pedestrian crossing, at all. With 36
lanes it must be enough to not have a delay of more 10 minutes”, Lopez assured.

“With this delay time, the amount of people crossing the border will rise. It will be close to
where we were in 2006, with 35 or 40 thousand people per day”, concluded the union leader.

The opening of the new border crossing is contemplated for 2021.

The Mexican authorities committed to review their dates and resources to ensure to inaugurate
the border crossing on time. It is expected that more development projects will be supported in
our region.


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