The best sandwich in Tijuana

Alberto Cafalli, fascinated with the versatility of the BajaMed cuisine and seized by the gastronomical explosions of the region, is seeking to complement the traditional flavors of the Baja with one of the oldest culinary arts: charcuterie.

As a pioneer amongst the region, Cafalli is looking to enhance the flavors of the Baja with the special and distinctive touch of charcuterie; an explosion of flavors.

With a certificate in Charcuterie by the University of Iowa and his own shop of Charcutería en Tijuana, Alberto Cafalli focuses all his passion and attention to each and every detail in the production process. From the selection of the raw material and ingredients, to the pH measurement, Cafalli looks after every detail to ensure a fantastic ending product.

Below we have a video of the preparation of the best sandwich in our city. You’ll love it.


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