Tijuana, the city with the highest capital gain in Mexico

The square meter in Tijuana exceeds 19 thousand pesos

Photo by: Instagram @aaamrni.lg / Solo para ilustrar

The building construction in Tijuana has positioned the city like one with most capital gain in the country according to the inmobiliaria

The site listed the 15 cities where there was a greater increase in real estate, where Tijuana was placed first place, generating a growth in the real estate of 50.18%

From Tijuana, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, with the increase of 49%. Then Reynosa, Tamaulipas with the 48.5%

The analyst of Real Estate Leonardo González, inmobiliaria indicated that the Real State Sector in the border area is shaping towards a new regional structure, focused on tourist destinations and industrial clusters.

According to the Economic Development incentive of the entity, the square meter (m2) in Tijuana exceeds 19 thousand pesos,(approximately 991.00 USD) while in other places like Reynosa is 9 thousand pesos, (approximately $469.00 USD)



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