Check out the Tijuana Ross

A store where you'll find clothes for the entire family

Living on the border has its benefits like finding nice cheap clothes just crossing the border to the US, even though the value of the dollar goes up and down and the long line to cross the border makes us not want to do it.

So if you want to avoid the long line crossing the border, Tijuana has an alternative store like ROSS Promoda Outlet Multimarcas, where you’ll be able to find clothing, purses, different items for men, women, and kids.

This store just like Ross has a variety of items of different brands at accessible prices, So you can’t say “No” to discounts.
The store has constant promotions where sometimes you can purchase items that have a 50% up to 70% off discount. But if you have a best friend called “Credit” with a last name “Card” you can purchase items and make monthly payments.

This will be the best store to make purchases.



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