5 new attractions offered by the port of San Felipe

The port of San Felipe, located within the city of Mexicali, has been a favorite destination for lovers of off-road racing and snowbirds in the United States and Canada. The destination itself has evolved and new proposals for accommodation and experience are added to increase the variety of activities of this renowned destination in the Gulf of California.

Rest for travelers

Although there is a lot of offer for lodging, few have the attraction of Trinis Camp in San Felo. Located a few meters from the boardwalk, this small paradise of accommodation stands out for their type of rooms: 100% Campers. Guests are welcomed here to choose the camper they like the most.

These famous pieces for road trip lovers, are fully equipped to receive couples and small families. Inside you will find a room with a perfect mattress for resting, private bathroom, dining room and living room. You also have access to a small lawn surrounded by trees, filling your rest with fresh air in a hammock in the desert.

Craft beer in the desert

The new member of the craft brewers of Mexicali is San Felipe Brewing, who offers a variety of craft beers in its pub located at Km. 182, just in front of the famous El Dorado field. They have Pales Ale, IPA, Stout, Porter, Blonde Ale, Red Ale styles, as well as seasonal creations like the exquisite Barley Wine.

This place is a sanctuary for retired Americans and Canadians who like a light life full of music and good beer. Definitely ideal for a good chat, whether sitting in front of the bar or outside overlooking the beautiful Baja California desert; It is also common to have a rock group invited to make dance even the oldest of the place.

Cheese Cellar

Undoubtedly the best place in San Felipe is C & G Cava Boutique, better known as the Cava de Quesos. Christian and Gaby - known as Kidz cheeses - are the young couple of travelers who decided to set up their lives and businesses in San Felipe. It started with a gourmet store of regional products, but little by little it has been published in local seafood, jams, kombucha, and other local products.

Its cuisine is simple but immense in flavor, and the hosts give off a perfect energy for interesting after-hours. They also have a glamping shop and upcoming surprises that promise to make this place one of the favorite for travelers of all ages and nationalities.

Dinner at Rancho el Avestruz

Within the desert, between ocotillos and choyas, is Rancho El Avestruz of Celso Muñoz. What started as an entrepreneurial experiment, soon became a passion that led to the wonderful world of gastronomy.
In this desert terrain, a small space with rustic tables and chairs are set up, along some grills to prepare the different cowboy dishes using the exquisite ostrich meat. Its delicious flavor, in addition to the beauty of the starry sky and a spectacular view of the mountains, make this place a must-go for the traveler.

Glamping in the sactuary

Glamping Eden located on a quiet beach south of San Felipe. Far from the hustle and bustle of the port, - just 20 minutes away in the direction of Puertecitos - you will find this new Glamping site that offers all the modern comforts within a tepee tent.

Comfortable beds and an exquisite decoration generate a unique atmosphere, with an unbeatable view of the Gulf of Cortez. It also offers a space with small rooms to rest and eat as you please. Now, if you are an adventurer, they have a small sailboat that you can rent to sail the seas and recognize the beauty of the sanctuary called Baja California.



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