The perfect ‘‘Low Budget’’ surfing route in Baja California

Ensenada has historically been a must-go surfing spot for sports enthusiasts. Since 1965, when Ignacio "Nacho" Felix Cota, Carlos Hernández and Walter Rudametkin, founded the first Surf Club on San Miguel Beach, until today national surfing tournaments are held. Nowadays, Ensenada is a must-go destination for surfers from all over the world, and we will share the promised route for modern surfers.

Must-go locations

1.- Playa Saldamando

Located at Km 94 along the Tijuana to Ensenada highway , it could be considered the first surf site in the municipality of Ensenada .Its remoteness from the city, makes it ideal for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle entirely to the ocean .The view is amazing, as well as the offer of accommodation that includes campers that makes it a perfect spot for surfers .

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes

2.- San Miguel

Historic and recognized for the quality of its unique waves. It is located just a few meters after the Ensenada toll booth. Many of the neighbors that inhabit this community dedicate their mornings and afternoons to surfing, so the traffic of tables inside the sea makes it a site for experts. It is possible to park the car paying a minimum fee, obtaining access to toilets and showers in return. The surfing championship has been reactivated as well at San Miguel, where national and international participants meet to demonstrate who is the best at mastering the waves of the Mexican Pacific Ocean.

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes

3.- Patos

A well-known surfing spot for locals looking for something with more maneuvering space during the taking of the waves. The entry is a bit complex, since private lands have not opened a free passage for citizenship. Even so, there are well-known paths that allow you to reach this surfing location in El Sauzal.

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes


Recognized for its easy access and constant good waves .You can easily get there if you go to the Wendlandt Tasting Room, located within the Industrial Fishing area .Way back from there, it is possible to a way up to 3Emes, which is faithfully attended by locals and foreigners to enjoy the waves. The nice thing about this location is the opportunity to enjoy a couple of Wendlandt craft beers as a reward for the effort.

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes

5.- Cannery Stacks

Located on the outskirts of the port of El Sauzal, many recognize the entrance by a couple of murals showing of marine fauna. There is no establishment to serve surfers, so it is necessary to arrive by public transport, Uber, or park the car nearby. The place is usually crowded when good waves are announced, although it also generates some rejection because of its proximity to the waste generated by fishing vessels.

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes

6- California Trailer Park

Famous location at El Sauzal easily located as California Trailer Park in front of a Pemex gas station. Many surfers usually rent rooms at this spot to make the most of the time at sea. It is recommended as a surfing spot since it is usually a meeting point among international surfers, which allows a unique social gathering in Ensenada.

Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes
Jesus Garcia y Laura Menezes

7.- Playa Hermosa

This location is very well known because it is one of the first sites in the port of Ensenada with access to a sandy beach. To the south of Playa Hermosa, where the famous Yiyo seafood stand is located, you can see the entrance to this surfing spot. Its waves are less wild; therefore, it is considered the best place for beginners. Likewise, it is possible to find surfing shops that rent equipment and offer personalized classes for people of all ages.

Where to stay the night?

Backpackers Hostel

Best option for surf lovers and with a limited budget. Clean and safe, it offers rooms equipped with bunk beds for the rest of the traveler. They have a communal kitchen and a backyard with access to a grill. There is 24 hrs. Surveillance, and travelers usually find themselves in common spaces to share experiences of their trip, places of visit and recommendations for food.


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