Mexico begins week with more than 261 thousand of accumulated cases

The country's Secretary of Health affirmed that the comparison of deaths with European nations is invalid

Photo by: TheDigitalArtist –combinada – López-Gatell Facebook

On July 6th, 33 days from the start of the “new normality” passed and as it's been carried out every evening from March, statistics of the last 24 hours about Mexico´s coronavirus situation were given.

The country's Secretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, presented the updated statistics of the coronavirus shift across our nation. These show that Mexico has a total of 261 thousand 750 COVID-19 cases.

Additionally, there are 31 thousand 119 woeful deaths caused by this virus. However, there are still more than 2 thousand deaths to be confirmed if they were caused by the virus.

During the update, statistics show their tendencies are the same as they have been for the last couple of days: the states with more infections are Mexico City and the State of Mexico. Baja California, which was in 3rd place, is now in 6th and has more than 40% of beds available in general hospitals, and 38% of beds with ventilators.

López-Gatell recommended that anyone who is within the group of risk and starts to feel any symptoms does “not wait” due to the sickness´ fast behaviour.

Likewise, he explained that to compare deaths with other countries is invalid (for example Italy or Spain) given that the population is much smaller in those European countries than in Mexico. For this reason, more deaths are counted. He emphasized that there is still a hospital congestion like it happened in some parts of Europe.

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