Tijuana bakery sells "Roscas Covid" for a good cause

They can be purchased exclusively by order, they´re to be delivered on July 18th and 19th

Photo by: Panadería Denisse y Julieta

The bakery and pastry shop "Denisse y Julieta", located at de Las Nubes 631, Playas, Jardines del Sol in Tijuana, posted the sale of its "Roscas Covid" on their social media.

That's right, you read it correctly. Despite the fact that there are 6 months left until January, this city-based bakery decided to bring forward the traditional rosca de reyes, in order to support the Tijuana Opera House, which will hold its traditional "Street Opera" festival.

However, due to the current health crisis caused by the coronavirus, the 17th edition of Street Opera will be held online and will be transmitted from its Facebook page on July 18th and 19th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This is the reason why this bakery from Tijuana joined the cause to support local talent, being Covid its source of inspiration, despite the criticism that some users in social media commented after choosing this name for their bread roll.

If you want to support the Tijuana Opera House, you can purchase your "Rosca Covid", which is made with Danish bread, cream cheese filling, apricot, peaches and pineapple, which has a $650 pesos cost, of which $100 will be donated to this cause. You will also be able to enjoy it with your family or friends, since it's enough for at least 15 people, as mentioned by this bakery.

Don't forget that their sale will only be by order and delivered on July 18th and 19th in different parts of the city. For more information contact Denisse y Julieta's bakery on their social media accounts.

Other ways to support the Tijuana Opera and its event is by making a donation to their bank account or by purchasing a commemorative shirt for the "Street Opera" festival.

What do you think of this initiative? Would you buy this bread roll?

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