San Felipe: area with the fewest deaths by coronavirus in Baja California

Mexicali still ranks first in deaths, infections and active cases by COVID-19 in the state

Photo by: Facebook Descubre San Felipe

During the COVID-19 case update in Baja California, Head of the Department of Health Alonso Perez Rico reported that there are still 499 active cases in the state, although there has been a great decrease in most counties, with Mexicali accounting for more than 189 of these cases.

Captura de pantalla
Captura de pantalla

To date, people who have tested positive for coronavirus are 13 thousand 787, of which the state capital leads the list by adding 7 thousand and 71 of these cases.

It is worth mentioning that adults over the age of 60, who are considered an at risk group, are the ones who have been most affected by COVID-19 in the region, with 2 thousand 965 of the total number of cases in this group alone.

In view of this, the Secretary of Health called on the population to protect vulnerable groups such as the elderly.

In turn, Mexicali is the county with most deaths related to this virus, registering one thousand 252 of the 2 thousand 685 registered in Baja California. San Felipe, despite its proximity to Mexicali, is the area with the least number of deaths from COVID-19 in the state, with only two.

Captura de pantalla
Captura de pantalla

In spite of this context, Mexicali also heads another list, the one of recorred patients in Baja California, which according to the Health Secretary's report, are already 7 thousand 569, and 4 thousand 410 are residents of this city.

Remember that the state remains under red light, and if you missed the update of the new criteria for vulnerable groups, which as we stated are important to care for, you can access the following link to learn about them.



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