Abortion could be included among public health services in Mexico

Representatives from different parties will promote, during the current session, a reform initiative to legalize abortion

Photo by: Richard Catabay en Unsplash

As part of the Global Day of Action for the Decriminalization of Abortion, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies held a press conference in which deputies from different parties expressed their demands regarding the right that women should have to terminate their pregnancies if they wish to do so, but in a safe and non-criminalized manner.

This initiative that will allow for a safe abortion, which was signed by 146 members of six parliamentary groups, will be decided when the current health crisis by COVID-19 allows it, indicated the presidents of the Gender Equality and Health Commissions.

For her part, Deputy Lorena Villavicencio said: We are not going to allow them to try to legislate with a cassock, as was said here, nor to attend to the conservatism that continues to look at women as incomplete beings who cannot make our own decisions and who deny the autonomy that is also inherent in our human condition.

What do you think of this initiative?

With information from Milenio.

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