Slim's proposal would not allow you to retire until age 75

Currently, you can retire from the age of 65, this proposal would add 10 years of waiting

Photo by: Carlos Slim Facebook

The average Mexican has workdays that range from 8 to 12 hours with only one day off. Can you imagine doing that every day until you turn 75? This is one of the proposals presented by the owner of Grupo Carso .

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim recently participated in CEDE's XIX Congress of Directors where topics of current importance were discussed, such as the economic impact that the coronavirus crisis has generated in Mexico and around the world.

One of the proposals that has generated the most commotion on social media is the idea that retirement, which can be reached by a worker at 65 years of age, should be raised to 75 years. In addition, he recalled that there are options for a 3-day working day of 11 hours, which would supposedly generate more employment.

According to Medio Milenio, Slim affirmed that the virus has put everyone on check and that "it has generated a rather unusual economic and social situation that will lead to a -new normality-". What do you think of this idea?

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