A week without swap meets in these Tijuana neighborhoods

For active cases, the Secretary of Health of Baja California has already issued a letter to the authorities of this municipality to prevent the installation of these markets

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As every Tuesday, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, announced the neighborhoods in Tijuana where active cases of COVID-19 are concentrated.

As of this morning, there are 682 active cases in the state, of which 210 belong to the border city.

According to Pérez Rico, 20 percent of the colonies in Tijuana have at least one active case of COVID-19, but the next five are where more of these transmission chains are accumulated.

  • Buenos Aires Sur (11 active cases)
  • Zona Río (7 active cases)
  • El Dorado (5 active cases)
  • Villa Residencial del Bosque (5 active cases)
  • Villa del Cedro 2 (5 active cases)

In view of this, and as it had already been proposed by the health authorities, for one week the previous neighborhoods will not be able to install swap meet or street stalls, since it is in these that people normally congregate.

"In these neighborhoods, today a letter is being sent to the municipal regulations of the city of Tijuana, and obviously to the mayor of Tijuana, so that they support us in regulating the swap meets and street markets in these neighborhoods so that their activity is inhibited because they are identified as transmission chains," said the Secretary.

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