Baja California

In two weeks senior will be vaccinated in Baja California

It will start with seniors from rural communities in the deep south

Photo by: Pexels

After the start of the vaccination plan against COVID-19 in Baja California last Tuesday, in the next 24 hours 3 thousand 417 workers of the first line health sector have been vaccinated, which represents 35% of the 9 thousand 750 vaccines that arrived in the state, according to the head of the Health Secretariat Alonso Peréz Rico.

In view of this, the Secretary pointed out that in two weeks the state's elderly will be vaccinated, starting with those in the rural communities of the deep south, as requested by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"Brigades are being organized precisely Correcaminos de Bienestar, Sedena and Salud, to go to the deep south to vaccinate all adults over 60. We are going to take a census; Bienestar has an important census for older adults who receive some type of social support and we are going to start with them. For those who do not receive social support and who live in a very rural area, we are going to take the vaccine to their homes for those who cannot travel".

As Pérez Rico had already mentioned on another occasion, it is estimated that nearly 400 thousand elderly adults reside in Baja California, for whom more than 20 vaccination points will be installed as part of the "Correcaminos" strategy, which will surely be the Social Integration Centers.

Thus, unlike in the health sector, this part of the population that will receive the anti-COVID vaccine between February and April will not be vaccinated in the state's COVID hospitals, he said.

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