Only for the brave! Dexter Burguers has the most stacked burgers in Tijuana.

With 100% homemade meat, daily baked bread and innovating to make a totally different burger is how this delicacy arises.

With a history of ups and downs is how Dexter Burguers have become what they describe as "tastier than your ex's kisses".

Its creator, a nurse who left this profession to follow his dream and installed a wooden stand outside his house purchased in payments, where he remained for a year until his sales went from 10 to 200 combos a day. However, in this path that was looking very good, someone wanted to join as a "partner" and played a bad trick on him.


One day a person who liked my food and my hamburgers arrived and told me: "What are you looking for to start a restaurant? We started a restaurant, me and him as partners, and when the restaurant was ready, he just pushed me asideand he put his hamburger brand", the entrepreneur told San Diego Red.

Because of this he decided to start again from scratch with the support of his family, and thanks to the confidence that his best friend put in him and his food, today there is Dexter Burguers, where in addition to providing burgers with 100% homemade meat and daily baked bread, they are the most stacked in Tijuana and Rosarito.

"Now with two branches, here we are together giving non-stop with our feet where they go and with our head in a goal, giving work to more than 20 people, in Tijuana seven are active and in Rosarito we are remodeling the branch that will have two floors. In two months it will be ready," he said enthusiastically.

Why are they only for the brave? With an extensive menu, this hamburger restaurant seeks not only not to make a bad impression on anyone, but also to find someone who can finish their burgers. To make it clearer, among its burgers is "La Grosera", which was created for real foodies since it is currently made up of 8 floors, but once someone manages to finish it, one more floor will be added.

But if you prefer something "lighter" but with a special touch, you can find burgers like the Flaming Hot, La Knibal, La Doriloca and La Matahambre. If you want to know what makes them unique, go to their menu by clicking here.

If you still have doubts that Dexter Burguers can please you, you should also know that they have hot dogs, orders to share, french fries, wings on a bed of chilaquiles, breaded Krispy Krispy chicken strips and onion rings. All of these options with delicious flavors that are hard to describe.

It is worth mentioning that this Tijuana business also has a healthy burger, the oatmeal burger, which is made with baked bread of the day, with or without mayonnaise, vegetables, oatmeal, cheddar cheese, Monterrey cheese, pineapple and grilled onions.

"I am very grateful to all the people who continue to support me, to those who supported me, to all my clients, thanks to them this would be nothing.
And those who didn't believe in me only gave me more energy," said the entrepreneur.


If you are already craving and want to visit this place that is part of our beloved Tijuana, you can find them from Wednesday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Plaza Navarrete on Blvd. Federico Benitez Lopez, 800, El Pedregal (before going down to Costco on the fast lane).

In case you prefer to stay at home, you can place your order via WhatsApp and pick up at the premises by texting to 664 268 77 98, if you want to reserve a table you can dial 664 876 82 01; or you can also place your orders through Didi or Rappi. In the latter, you get a thousand pesos for free by activating the code adx27988401.

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