Carla Morrison to collaborate with NASA on Perseverance landing

The Mexican singer will make history as the first person to narrate a NASA mission in Spanish.

Carla Morrison announced through social media that she will soon be collaborating with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in one of the most important missions of recent times, whose main purpose is to explore Mars.

Next Thursday, February 18, the Mexican singer will participate as a narrator in the Mars landing of the robot explorer "Perseverance", in a mission that has been catalogued as one of the most important for the space organization.

Morrison says she feels "super excited" and no wonder, since the interpreter will also make history by collaborating in what will be the first mission of its kind that can be narrated in Spanish, an invitation by NASA itself.

After the announcement, both NASA's official Twitter account and that of Perseverance welcomed the artist and thanked her for her commitment, promising her that "she will be in good company", and they were also very excited about the upcoming mission.

The robot that will land on the red planet in just 4 days, has as its main objective to search in an area called by scientists ''Jerezo Crater", for signs of microbial life, as it is believed that 3.5 billion years ago this area could have had rivers, which later created a kind of lake that could support life.

Carla Morrison is a singer-songwriter from Tecate, Baja California, winner of three Latin Grammy Awards. Some of her best known songs are ''Déjenme Llorar'' and ''Vez Primera'', as well as the collaboration with the group ''Los Ángeles Azules'' in the reinvention of the classic song "Las Maravillas de la Vida". She also participated as an actress in the movie ''Ana Maria in Novela Land'' where several of her songs were part of the soundtrack.

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