From 3 to 10 schools will return to on-site classes in Baja California.

Authorities stated that this is part of a rehearsal to advance to the new normality, as it was done with other activities.

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After being informed about the return to classes in Baja California, officials stated this morning that only a few selected schools will return to classes at a state level, which will be part of a trial to generate a protocol to move this activity towards the new normality.

According to the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, this trial is part of the strategies they have also managed with other activities that have been reopened, such as restaurants, supermarkets, churches and shopping malls.

Thus, only some educational institutions, private or public, will participate, allowing it to be a safe trial, he mentioned; in addition, the incidence of COVID-19 in the municipality and the infections that have accumulated will be considered.

At the moment, the hygiene and safety protocol to be implemented in the trial is still being worked on, and the participating schools have not yet been selected, according to the information provided.

However, it was indicated that the children attending the schools as part of this project will be at the will of the parents. And for their part, teachers who belong to the participating schools will be vaccinated, Perez Rico assured.

"To open the schools that will participate in the trial, we will talk with teachers, with teachers' unions, parents, with the entire school staff, to sensitize them on what we want to do," he said on Wednesday.

In addition, it was noted that not all students will go every day, they will be in staggered days. "Some will go Monday and Wednesday, others will go Tuesday and Thursday, and precisely between the Secretariat of Education and the Secretariat of Health we are determining the protocol, the schools, the educational levels that we are going to present to the head of the executive for him to authorize in relation to a recommendation," he explained.

At the same time, he expressed that this initiative will allow us to have the necessary experience for when we return to the new normality in the new school cycle.

"Right now we are doing a trial of how to do it safely and nothing is written in stone. If this trial is determined that it is not safe at this time, we will close it and wait for another time to reopen," he commented.

According to the head of this dependency, the Secretariat and the epidemiology area will be present at all times during the trial, in order to detect areas of opportunity and risks.

"Let's understand something, we are going to return to the new normality, that is a reality, at some point or another. The Black Winter is ending, the climate is changing, acute respiratory diseases are decreasing, we are already vaccinating," he said.

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