Los Poblanos: Despite their popularity in Tijuana, only one of their tacos won us over.

Four types of tacos, in addition to tortas and mulitas, is what this taqueria feeds Tijuanenses day and night.

Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana continues touring the border city, to taste, share and rate every taco we can.

On this occasion our colleague Danny Betancourt, who is a chef, visited the taqueria "Los Poblanos", located on Blvd. Cucapah, El Pipila 22206, to try the classic asada, tripa and adobada tacos.

In addition to these tacos, they also have birria tacos, tortas and mulitas, it is worth mentioning that each taco costs $27 pesos, and Danny emphasized that the tortilla is industrial or packaged, and not handmade as in other taquerias.

Despite its popularity in Tijuana, of the three types of tacos that were tasted, only one received a 9.1 rating, find out which one it was:

Taco de tripa

The tripa is grilled, not fried, so it looks "golden"; and the tortilla is heated on the embers. Among what makes up this taco, besides the tripe, is guacamole, salsa, onion and cilantro.

"It's very good, the tripe is golden brown, it's not fried; it's a different way of making it, it's crispy. The tortilla is from a packet, I'm not a big fan of packet tortillas, but it's golden brown and it makes a change", commented Danny, who gave this taco a rating of 8.2.

Asada Taco

Just like the previous one, the same type of tortilla is used and with the same ingredients, the only differentiator being the grilled beef.

"The meat has a very peculiar flavor, I think it has to be marinated with some citric and some spices, because it is really good, it does not taste like meat with just salt and pepper", said our colleague. However, because the tortilla was very hard, he rated it 7.3.

Adobada Taco

Like every taco, this one also has its guacamole, onion, cilantro, but a spicier sauce.

At first sight Danny considered this taco as good, as he mentioned that when an adobada taco has a good color it is "synonymous that it is going to be good", let's see what he says when tasting it.

"It's really good, it's really good, you know what these guys do with the adobada", he assured, and gave it a 9.1 rating since he considers himself an expert in these tacos and points to this one as "one of the best".

Have you tried these tacos? Which taqueria would you like us to visit?


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