Pregnant women become priority group for vaccination in Baja California

So far this year, 2021, at least six pregnant women have lost their lives to COVID-19

Photo by: Amina Filkins en Pexels

Pregnant Baja Californian women become a priority group for vaccination against COVID-19, informed the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico.

After observing that in 2020 only 10 women in this condition died from this disease, while so far this year 2021 there have been six. Therefore, the Secretary indicated that if you live in this Entity and you are pregnant, you can already register to receive the anti-COVID vaccine. Click here and log in.

Once in the platform, when you enter the CURP and identify that you are a woman, the pregnant woman item will be displayed, you only have to select "yes". If you have any comorbidity, it is important to indicate it. The objective of this registration is to select pregnant women, regardless of their age, who have a comorbidity and are in their second trimester, to receive the vaccine.

When they complete their registration on the platform, a specialized team from the maternal health program will contact them to let them know which vaccination point they should attend and at what time. According to the information presented by Perez Rico, it is estimated that there are 46 thousand pregnant women in Baja California.

The head of the agency did not rule out the probabilities of having any allergy or side effect from the vaccine, but emphasized that "getting the vaccine and having a hypothetical side effect" is not as serious as being infected by COVID-19 and losing your life.

"Value the risk versus the benefit," he said, this being one of the reasons they became a priority group in the state. "You have to sign an informed consent as a pregnant woman who agrees to get vaccinated," he added.

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