COVID-19: 152 vaccinated Baja Californians become infected

Most had not completed the vaccination schedule

The head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, informed that as of May 28, 152 Baja Californians who had received one or two doses of any of the anti-COVID vaccines tested positive for the disease.

Of this total, 85 had only received one dose, while 67 had already completed their vaccination schedule. Regarding those who received only one dose of the drug, he said: "Most of these people, over 70, were already infected when they were vaccinated. They were asymptomatic people who developed symptoms after vaccination".

He also stated that it is impossible for the vaccine to infect you with coronavirus, and reaffirmed, "these people were already infected or became infected after being vaccinated".

Perez Rico reminded that the antibodies are generated 21 days after the antidote has been applied, and also that the vaccine does not prevent you from becoming infected, but it does prevent the disease from presenting itself in a moderate or severe form, which means that hospitalization is required, or even death.

In this case, most of the vaccinated Baja Californians who were infected, presented mild disease, demonstrating the effectiveness of the vaccine, he mentioned. "But it also shows that despite being vaccinated, we can still get sick and continue to be infected. That is why we have to continue taking care of ourselves".

So far in Baja California a total of 872 thousand 890 doses of some of the vaccines against COVID-19 have been applied.

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