U.S. and Mexican authorities sign agreement for new Otay border Port of entry

Mexican and U.S. authorities met to formalize the creation of the new border crossing at Otay

In a press conference, San Diego authorities announced the signing of the agreement that will guarantee the opening of the new border Port of entry at Otay Mesa, Otay II. They assured that this event will have a great impact on the commercial relations between Tijuana and San Diego.

They also highlighted the importance of a coordinated investment for the benefit of both communities. The new gateway is expected to be ready by the end of 2024 and is expected to reduce waiting times by 50 percent, as well as help reduce pollution generated by vehicles.

General Director for North America, Roberto Velazquez Álvarez, explained that Otay II will represent opportunities for growth and collaboration between the two countries. In addition, he shared that it will expand trade and positively change the geography of the border.

It will allow for a future where Mexico and the United States are more connected.

For his part, the Mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria, affirmed that this will generate many jobs and recognized the work of the Mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland, whom he asked to accompany him during his speech so that the attendees could see those who lead this great binational region together.

On this occasion they did not talk about the toll at the Garita, however, on previous occasions, Mario Orso, director of the project corridor at the California Department of Transportation reported that it will vary depending on the waiting time ranging from $2 dollars to $12 dollars for passenger vehicles.

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