5 positive actions that Tijuana Mayor Karla Ruiz has taken for Tijuana

Actions range from inclusive sports activities to investment in wildlife protection

It must be recognized that since Karla Ruiz Macfarland was appointed the new mayor of Tijuana, actions and proposals that were paused began to be implemented and improved, so we will explain 5 of the most important actions that the mayor has undertaken and that have improved our city.

1. Protection and Awareness of Green Areas

On February 21, it was announced that a series of activities would be implemented in order to preserve the wildlife of the city. This began with a day of reforestation of trees in Morelos Park, which is one of the most important lungs of Tijuana.

At that time 850 trees were transplanted in the nursery area, in addition the oriental garden was reforested with 130 laurel rose bushes and 150 melaleuca bushes were added in an area known as "cola de zorra" (fox tail). According to the information provided, the objective is to plant 40 thousand trees around the city.

However, the actions do not end here, because last week, the Tijuana Municipal System of Theme Parks (Simpatt) signed an agreement with the Invictus Foundation. The objective of this will be to monitor the animal life in Morelos and Amistad Parks.

2. Inclusion events for children and youth

On Saturday, July 3, the Youth Miniolympics was held at the CREA Sports Unit, which was attended by the Mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland, and other authorities who made the organization of the event possible.

On this occasion, more than 150 children and adolescents attended and participated. "All activities should be designed so that we can all participate" commented the mayor on the occasion, who took the opportunity to give away toys to the participating children.

3. Eradication of violence against women

Something that the mayor is clear about is the problem of violence faced by women, which is why through the Coordination of Attention to the Family she has made available to Tijuana residents. Several preventive programs with the intention of improving the self esteem and empowerment of women.

This is done through talks, workshops, counseling, information, orientation and psychological attention. In addition, the 075 telephone line was created for women who require psychological intervention and immediate attention.

Another positive action that took place during this week was the signing of an agreement between the Center of Justice for Women of the State of Baja California (Cejum) and the System for the Integral Development of the Family (SDIF). The above with the objective of combating the causes that propitiate environments of violence that affect women.

4. Implementation of sports activities

Among the activities that the mayor has supported are physical activation classes such as yoga, karate do, boxing, volleyball and swimming. These classes can be found in some of Tijuana's sports centers, here is a list of them.

The best of all is that it is not only limited to government sports centers, but also to neighborhood parks. In fact, on Saturday, June 12, the mayor went to the Villa del Prado neighborhood to head the reactivation of the "Sabados de Bienestar" (Wellness Saturdays).

This project is focused on children and young people doing activities that allow them to have an active and healthy life.

5. Focus on the recovery of tourism and economic activation

Under Ruiz Macfarland's leadership, Tijuana reported 180% of national and foreign investments. The Secretary of Economic Development (Sedeti), Gabriel Camarena Salinas attributed this percentage to the actions implemented by the Mayor, such as the Rapid Opening Notice, the Rapid Business Opening System (SARE), and the Labor Exchange, among others.

As for tourism, she has focused on several aspects of this sector. For example, last week an exhibition was held to promote the various tourist attractions, not only in Tijuana, but also in Baja California.

Another important aspect is the effort that has been made to provide equipment to the Tijuana Tourist Police. This is important because the team is in charge of providing information and assistance to international visitors, mostly from the United States: new t-shirts and bicycles were given to improve the mobility and image of these workers.

VIDEO: Mayor attends Tijuana's Birthday Celebration


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