5 initiatives of Karla Ruiz as mayor to support sports in Tijuana

The mayor has supported several programs to promote physical culture among youth and adults

Tijuana's first female mayor, Karla Ruiz Macfarlard has led several initiatives to show her support for sports activities in the city. This is one of the sectors that had been left behind by the past administration and severely affected by the pandemic.

However, the administration headed by Ruiz Macfarland, in just a few months, has managed to support the sports units, especially now that sports are considered vital for a healthy life. Here are 5 initiatives that have contributed to Tijuana's sports that were started by the current administration:

1. Delivery of sports equipment

Recently, the mayor was in charge of delivering sports equipment for the Lázaro Cárdenas Sports Center. She also gave economic support as well as indoor and outdoor uniforms to the teams that will represent Tijuana in the National Popular Games, which will be held from October 16 to 22 in the state of Guerrero.

The National Popular Games are a multi-sport event organized by the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports in three sports disciplines: 6x6 soccer, martial arts and boxing.

2. Inclusion in sports

Under the direction of Mayor Karla Ruiz, the Children's Inclusive Miniolympics was held at the CREA Sports Unit. This initiative was in charge of bringing children with disabilities closer to sports.

Both the children and their parents were guided by Imdet promoters and the staff of the participating agencies, in order to engage in activities such as 50-meter bike races, ball throwing, obstacle courses, frisbee and speed races. In addition, the children received toys from the Mayor of Tijuana herself.

3. Skate park opening

In the same way, she inaugurated the new recreational space Skate Park. According to a statement from the City Hall: "for the mayor it is of utmost importance, in addition to benefiting all citizens, to be close to them and listen to their needs and concerns". This took place in June of this year and was part of the so-called "Wellness Saturdays", focused on children and young people doing activities that allow them to have an active and healthy life.

4. Reopening of Sports Units

The mayor has supported various programs to promote physical culture in the Municipal Sports Institute of Tijuana (Imdet), where they have announced that a series of activities have been resumed, after the transition of the epidemiological traffic light in the region. Among the activities that the mayor has supported are physical activation classes such as yoga, karate do, boxing, volleyball and swimming. In this last activity four levels were opened so that all citizens can enjoy the activity: beginners, intermediate, advanced and master.

Foto por Denisse Marina/ San Diego Red
Foto por Denisse Marina/ San Diego Red

5. Investment in sports infrastructure

Under the direction of Karla Ruiz, one of the most representative works took place, which consisted of a complete remodeling of the "El Mirador" Sports Unit, in which 6 million 600 thousand pesos were invested, for the benefit of more than 30 thousand people. In addition, an archery field was built in the Reforma Sports Unit, in which 120 thousand pesos were invested. Likewise, the rapid soccer field was rehabilitated, along with general lighting.

VIDEO: Mayor of Tijuana Karla Ruiz present at Inclusive Miniolympics 2021


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