Tijuana's Intercity Train moves forward: it will be able to transport 40 thousand people daily

They assure that it is a milestone in the history of our region

Photo by: Facebook @Gobierno de Baja California

Architect Karen Postlethwaite Montijo, Secretary of Infrastructure, Development and Land Management announced during the daily report shared by the Government of Baja California, the progress of this Tijuana Interurban Train.

After many studies, it was found that Tijuana, despite being one of the largest cities, does not have a massive and efficient public transportation service for its citizens; therefore, the train tracks will be used from the Maclovio Rojas neighborhood to the San Ysidro border line.

This train will transport up to 40 thousand people daily, being a milestone in the history of our region by having for the first time a transportation system of this type and level.

In order to adapt these tracks to public use, 2 terminals and 7 intermediate stations will be added to this route, in addition to modifying them so that they are in optimal condition for use by other types of transportation other than freight trains that pass only a few times a day. For this, 3,543 million pesos will be invested.

From more than 200 current public transportation routes, with the operation of this train they will be reestablished to generate order and thus become 22 orderly routes that will work together with the Interurban Train route.

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