Ecotourism Route of El Médano presented in Rosarito

The Government of Rosarito in coordination with the Tourism and Convention Committee (COTUCO) presented the Ecotourism Route of El Médano, which aims to promote new tourist, family and adventure sites.

Located near Cantamar and entering the hill towards the east, traveling about 3 kilometers on dirt road, the El Médano Route is made up of several ranches, restaurants and natural sites that have a rich gastronomic offer, lodging and recreational activities.

The official presentation was held at Rancho El Beg and was attended by tour operators, Rosarito city council members, as well as the municipal president, Araceli Brown Figueredo. The ceremony was presided over by the general director of COTUCO of Playas de Rosarito, Irán Leonardo Verdugo, who highlighted the offers and virtues of this rural space.

Among the areas of interest are Paraje de Cota, Rancho el Varañero, Rancho Callado, Rancho El Beg, Hacienda El Capricho, Mi Granjita and Arroyo Cocina restaurant, which are located along a 12 kilometer route.

The experience of visiting El Médano Route is embodied by enjoying country food, rustic cabins, horseback riding, mountain biking and enjoying a comfortable stay in nature at Baja Glamping where people spend the night in camping tents with all the comforts of a hotel. Swimming pools, kiddie pools and other amenities complement the visit.

On the tour people can find ideal places to celebrate special events such as weddings, business trips or romantic getaways.

During the evening, three different videos were shown where real people experienced the natural benefits of this region, going with the family to eat, having a nice time or riding a bicycle, since the goal is to promote a 48 kilometer stretch that goes from Rancho Casián in Tijuana to Loma del Gato, and then down the El Médano canyon to the beach in Cantamar.

The mayor of Rosarito, Araceli Brown highlighted the importance of promoting tourism and making this type of destination available to everyone.


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