Despite micron, Alejandro Mayorkas insists on keeping the border open

The National Security Adviser visited the San Ysidro checkpoint

Photo by: Homeland Security

Alejandro Mayorkas, the US Secretary of State, paid a visit to the San Ysidro crossing and addressed the media, expressing his delight at the recent reopening of the border and emphasizing that access will stay available notwithstanding the Covid-19's micron version.

During his speech, he was joined by Todd Gloria, the mayor of San Diego, who stated that the number of persons and cars entering the United States had returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Mayorkas reiterated that everyone entering the country must present proof of Covid-19 immunization if an authority requests it. The land border will reopen in January 2022 for passengers with valid visas and certificates from other nations.

It should be emphasized that to prevent the spread of the omicron version, the US government has set additional limitations on passengers who enter the nation by land or water, requiring them to be vaccinated or have a Covid-19 negative test that is less than 24 hours old.

Mayorkas, who is pleased that economic prosperity has returned to the area as a whole, said his team is trying to end the epidemic once and for all, under the guidance of President Joe Biden.

The mayor of San Diego stated that the plans for the new Otay Mesa East port of entry are still being worked on at the scheduled times, despite the increased traffic flow. In 2024, this gate will open.

Mayorkas reacted to inquiries about the variation by noting that they are still researching the efficiency of the Omicron vaccinations to understand the dangers; therefore, the input of health professionals, physicians, and scientists is critical.

Finally, the US Secretary of Defense stated that his country does not intend to grant humanitarian asylum to the thousands of migrants who have applied for it at this time because their priority is to deal with the pandemic. They are subject to order 42 of the Control Center of Diseases, which states that anyone who enters the country illegally will be deported.

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