Egg carton is forgotten inside a car in Mexicali… the heat boils all the eggs!

This strange occurrence was shared on TikTok

Photo by: Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash & @alondrah20 on Tik Tok

Mexicali, capital of Baja California, is known for being the city with the highest temperatures in the region, reaching its highest numbers in the summer. Both residents and merchants have adapted to these conditions, modifying their daily routines during heat season such as going out when the sun is not at its brightest during the afternoon or night.

Though a lot of people adapt to these temperatures, accidents keep happening and the heat makes everyone pay for it one way or another. On this occasion, a TikTok user shared her misfortune as her egg carton full of eggs completely boiled inside of her car.

@alondrah20 is the user who uploaded a short 7-second video to the platform where one can see the carton full of eggs. She begins to open a pair of these and we can see that they are completely boiled. During the video, she says that her husband forgot the carton for 3 hours inside of her car during Mexicali’s infernal heat which has reached temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F).

TikTok wasn’t the only social media platform where this became popular as the video quickly went viral on Facebook. Several users have commented that they understand this situation since they have experienced these high temperatures and similar situations but with other types of food such as tortillas or bread, which can be cooked without a stove thanks to the sun. @alondrah20 said that both she and her husband decided not to risk finding out if the eggs were in good condition or not, and simply threw them away.

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