"Tacos El Franc" in Tijuana has the best al pastor tacos in the world

This business was the only one in Tijuana that was included among the best in the world in this category by Tasteatlas

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Tacos are some of the most versatile dishes in Mexican gastronomy, as it allows one to play both with the tortilla style (white, blue, or yellow corn, beet-flavored, nopal-based, etc.) and the stew or the filling that is used (meat, chicken, vegetables, fish, seafood, etc.) and this has been appreciated by several experts.

On Tasteatlas, reviews by several culinary critics are shown regarding dishes from businesses from all over the world. This website also has an interactive map where the traditional dishes of each country and/or state are explained as well as other types of food. For example, tacos in Mexico and its variations such as al pastor tacos.

In this case, al pastor tacos are comprised of pork adobada meat grilled from a spit, served on a corn tortilla with onion, cilantro, salsa, and pineapple slices. This website has stated that “Tacos El Franc” has the best al pastor tacos in the world.

This business is located at Blvd. Sánchez Taboada, Zona Este, Tijuana, and was recommended by 19 culinary critics, which gave their verdicts on their food-related websites. An example of this is Dave Lieberman at OC Weekly which says the following about Tacos El Franc:

If bacon is the gateway drug for vegetarians, carne adobada is the next step toward porcine bliss. There's no distracting sweet pineapple here; it's all pork and capsaicin cooled by avocado.

It should be noted that this taqueria, of the 37 businesses considered as the best places that serve this type of taco, is the only one located in Tijuana

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