Tijuana native will travel by motorcycle to Argentina. He will travel more than 6,000 miles!

Ricardo Espitia is a 58-year-old Tijuana native who will go on an adventure across Latin America

Photo by: Ricardo Espitia

Trips and vacations are special moments that people plan with anticipation in order to enjoy them thoroughly. However, some people don’t always have the opportunity to travel and a Tijuana native is giving himself the chance after postponing his vacations.

Ricardo Espitia is a Baja Californian who will go on a great adventure since he will travel more than 6,000 miles alone from Tijuana to Argentina by motorcycle. This 58-year-old air conditioning technician decided to begin this trip in order to “spend my time wandering about in a good way”. He has been delaying his vacations for over eight years.

Espitia chose Argentina because it is the most southern country he can reach and because he wants to “lose himself” for more than a year, without any hurries.. During his travels he will not stop at any places in Mexico, because he wants to do that in another trip. “The adventure begins in Guatemala”, Ricardo told San Diego Red in an exclusive interview.

This Tijuana native will begin his trip on September 4 at the Avenida Revolución arc where he invites anyone who wishes to accompany him to La Presa, where he will say goodbye to Tijuana definitively for more than 12 months. Ricardo added that he has nothing prepared regarding stops or visits which is why he will learn all about each country as he arrives and visit the places that catch his attention.

Ricardo told us that this is the first trip he has ever done like this. Previously he had only “lost” himself for a week in Baja. This will be a round trip: when he arrives in Argentina without any problems, he will return to Tijuana from Brazil by motorcycle. Espitia has prepared himself physically and mentally for this adventure. He has energy bars and emergency water, and he will get something to eat every day during his trip.

It should be noted that this Tijuana native will be updating what he’s doing on his trip on his Facebook page and YouTube channel "Ricky Aventuras". He will be using cameras and a drone to compile the best moments of his trip and he is expecting to upload two videos per week.

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