Like never before! Short line reported at Tijuana-San Diego border crossing this Friday

This was reported by Facebook users and the Telnor telephone line

Photo by: Yovanni Gutierrez Sanchez

The line to cross from Tijuana to the US has always been a great dilemma, especially for those who need to enter the US every day and suffer because of prolonged waiting times, traffic, heat under the sun, and the slow progress of lines.

Surprisingly, this Friday, Facebook groups whose purpose is to let people know the current state of the line have reported a very short waiting time at the San Ysidro port of entry, specifically for general entry lanes. According to these groups, all gates were opened, which meant that no long lines have formed.

According to the report that Telnor generates every 15 minutes, the San Ysidro port of entry currently has 30 open gates, 60 cars on general lanes, 200 cars on Ready Lane lines, and 35 on the Sentry lane. The pedestrian crossing currently has approximately 300 people.

On the other hand, Telnor has reported that the Otay Mesa port of entry has 10 open gates, 120 cars waiting on general lanes, 190 on Ready Lane lines, and 20 on the Sentry lane. However, Facebook users of these groups have said that the progress on these lines is too slow, which made some of them move to the San Ysidro port of entry so they could get into the US much quicker.

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