“Los Pinos” Cultural Complex presents exhibition of the culture of Baja California

To celebrate the ‘Pàa Iwa Chàu’ Nuestra Casa October Festival, the Secretariat of Culture will offer more than 40 cultural activities at the “Los Pinos” complex

The Secretariat of Culture announced that starting on October 21st all the way to October 23rd they will present at the Los Pinos Cultural Complex a program that includes several artistic and cultural activities on the eve of the 21st October Festival “Pàa Iwa Cháu-Nuestra Casa”, where around 100 artists and artisans of Baja California will participate.

During the inauguration ceremony, the following people were present: Secretary of Culture of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto, Secretary of Culture and Managing Director of ICBC, Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos, Los Pinos Cultural Complex Director, Homero Fernandez, representatives of the Yumano nation of Baja California, Antonio Rodríguez, Director of Cultura Humanitaria, artist Irma Sofía Poeter, representing Baja Californian artists, Olga Margarita Dávila, Director of Museums and Galleries, and Esther Landin, Director of Cultural Linking and the Artistic Community of Baja California.

Ábrego Ceballos highlighted that this event is being carried out in coordination with the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico to spread and promote the culture of Baja California, which in this edition offers 47 artistic and cultural activities while paying tribute to the Yumano people.

“We open this festival, which is very important to the state, to honor and celebrate the heart of our Baja Californian culture, our roots, and to acknowledge its memory and history. We will exhibit their traditions, uses and customs and rituals, as well as the presence of great local talent with great national and international presence,” the official pointed out.

For her part, the Secretary of Culture of Mexico stated that she was grateful that the Baja California delegation could take part in this event so that Mexico City residents can enjoy the cultural wealth that the state has.

You can check out this event’s lineup on their official website: or the following page:

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