Experience a multicultural exhibition at XXII Expo Artesanal in Tijuana this next long weekend

This event, which will come to the border from April 28 to May 1, will allow you to discover the riches of Mexico in an unparalleled cultural trip

XXII Expo Artesanal returns with more gastronomy and handicrafts in 2023

The city of Tijuana is once again a meeting point for Mexican artisans, as the 22nd edition of Expo Artesanal will take place from April 28 to May 2 where the culture of the different peoples of Mexico will be exhibited through drinks, unique gastronomic dishes, sweets, desserts, items, and unique objects, as well as traditional handwoven garments by artisan hands, where the ancient knowledge of this country’s communities still survive.

This is a family friendly event that will take place at the Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) terrace and will be open to the public from 11 AM to 9 PM. Admission is completely free and it is 100% pet friendly.

Among the wonders that you will find in this event there are several different gastronomic dishes from all over Mexico, as well as classic drinks such as mezcal, pulque, tequila, cacao, Veracruz-style coffee, atole; fabrics for different purposes; traditional Mexican silver jewelry; clothes, shoes, sombreros, ponchos, sarapes; classic toys; alebrijes; and much more.

According to Mario Murrieta, General Manager of Expo Artesanal, more than 100 exhibitors will gather here who will highlight the beauty of Mexican arts and crafts in several different areas. These items range from carved wood items, silver, leather, porcelain, and glass to elegant and traditional clothes from Jalisco, Estado de México, Veracruz, Oaxaca, among others..

These handicrafts not only represent physical items, but also Mexico’s multiculturalism and this is why several musical local bands and artists will be present such as La Odisea, Julissa Guadalupe, Carlos Esaul, Adylen Mendoza, and more. In addition, folklore groups will showcase the beauty of Mexican traditions, as the event will coincide with the International Day of Dance which takes places on April 29.

Two organizations will be supported as this is an event for a cause: the first one is Generación PRIISMA A.C,, whose goal is to create greater inclusion in society for people with disabilities; the second organization is Lazos de Amor y Esperanza, who supports women who are cancer survivors.


  • ARDAM: purses, wallets, and accessories from Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
  • Novedades Las Güeras: jackets and clothes with traditional embroidery
  • Rasasvada: accessories
  • Casa Tayau: Veracruz-style coffee Aromas del Paraíso
  • H&H Bio Vegan: natural products
  • Rancho 664: dried meat
  • Coyote Cósmico Oficial: pulque and crafts from Nezahualcóyotl, México
  • Crepas Andres
  • Atoles Félix
  • Artesanías Gámez: artisanal porcelain pots
  • Artesanías Valerio: personalized wood and leather handicrafts
  • Organic nice: soaps, deodorants, and rosewater (natural)
  • Manos de Oaxaca: clothes and accessories
  • CM: accessories made with laminated gold
  • Fine jewelry from Angeluz
  • La Sandunga Oaxaqueña: delicious gastronomy, drinks, and craft sweets
  • José Fabián: wooden figures
  • Mezcal El Hábito: originating from Oaxaca
  • Typical clothes from Mitla Oaxaca
  • Mil Matas Mezcal: originating from central Oaxaca
  • Sareh; elegant, classic clothes from the central valleys of Oaxaca
  • Creams with whiskey El Encanto
  • Pochteca 100% agave: tequilas, liquors, and creams, 100% agave from Jalisco
  • Antiguas maravillas: ancestral accessories, filigree made from silver and plate from Oaxaca
  • Dulce Huellita Repostería: canine and feline confectionery
  • Dagoberto's Pizza & Catering and much more

Artistic Talent

  • Grupo Odísea
  • Shamira, Shakira impersonator
  • Julissa Guadalupe
  • Adylen Mendoza
  • Gabriela Ceja Santillán
  • Julie Hernández
  • Carlos Esaul


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