Montserrat Caballero upholds security promises made during election campaign

With more than 14,000 arrested people and at least 2,000 weapons seized, the mayor of Tijuana underscores her commitment to guarantee security for all Baja Californian inhabitants

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, continues to show her commitment with local security with the arrest of 14,000 people thanks to support from different operations, the seizure of more than 2,000 weapons, the Police Unit with a Gendered Perspective, the Botón Morado, and the strengthening of crime prevention programs, all promises made during her election campaign that are a reality today.

At the Second Forum of Accountability, focused now on security matters, the mayor explained the progress made during her administration through five segments: crime prevention and citizen participation, fight against crime, professionalization and fight against corruption, efficient and effective secretariats, and technology and breakthroughs.

On the first segment, where crime prevention and citizen participation are an important pillar for the administration, the mayor mentioned that 11,363 protection orders and 535 preventive measures, with 31 police officers specialized on domestic and gender violence, were executed.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Fernando Sánchez González, the mayor emphasized that the Botón Morado app has been downloaded 100,000 times. This is a digital alternative that directly and immediately connects victims of women and child violence; she also said that this application will have the option to request support through text messages.

She also explained that since the beginning of her administration 68,000 students have been benefited with the D.A.R.E. program, where through prevention, they drastically eliminated or delayed the use of legal and illegal drugs, preparing them so that minors can make healthy decisions.

At the COMPSTAT room of the Center of Control and Command (C2), Caballero Ramírez highlighted the creation of 20 youth police units with the graduation of 1,369 cadets and more than 92,000 students benefited with the school program Mi Escuela Segura, which allowed for 3,785 police rounds to take place in schools.

Regarding the second segment, the mayor highlighted the number of more than 14,000 people arrested as a result of operations, of which 578 were due to robbery with violence and 593 due to robbery without violence, 1,115 were arrested for being in possession of firearms, 7,488 for being in possession of drugs, 1,953 due to stolen vehicles, and 2,573 due to other crimes.

In addition, she revealed that in 2 years, 2,035 weapons were seized and 3,028 vehicles that were reported as stolen were recovered. 126 new police officers were added to the forces and 287 rented police vehicles were acquired alongside quality tools to physically safeguard police officers.

Regarding professionalization and fight against corruption, more than 5,000 police officers were trained with 186 courses given regarding mediation and solution of conflicts, human rights, and consolidation of peace education issues.

On the third segment, regarding achieving an efficient and effective secretariat, the internal rules of the SSPCM were reformed with the creation of the Agency of Internal Control and Human Rights where the responsibilities of the administrative and operation areas were restructured.

Regarding the technology and breakthrough area, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection explained that 6,242 police rounds with drones were registered and 2,991 emergency reports were addressed. In addition, 1,521 cameras were acquired which were used to carry out 200,396 virtual rounds.

Regarding safe commerce, robbery with violence reports on shops were reduced by 50%. 1,538 panic buttons were installed and 19,097 downloads of the emergency button were made.

On this report, the recovery of 1,824 stolen vehicles, registered on the digital platform of the Secretariat, was added.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero also highlighted the work by the Fire Department, where a total of 21.4 million pesos were invested on protective forest equipment, special boots, extinguisher machines, and for specific emergency assistance.

She said that 13,407 fires, 7,732 medical emergencies, 2,375 gas leaks, 1,219 incidents, 2,695 road accidents, 48 aquatic rescues, and 3,104 trained firefighters all took place in 2 years under this management.

For the mayor, there is still a lot to be done regarding security and the fundamental pillars of this administration, but the achievements and progress of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana have occurred with the combined efforts between society and the government.

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