Rosarito will experience three days full of great vibes and reggae music at Baja Roots Festival

This reggae festival will begin on Friday, October 13 and will end on Sunday, October 15 at Las Rocas Resort & Spa

After a long absence of spiritual music, Baja California will enjoy good reggae vibes once again by its best performers as they will be at the Baja Roots Festival.

Through the Committee of Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) of Rosarito, information was revealed about the three days of the Baja Roots Festival that will take place from October 13 to October 15 in Playas de Rosarito.

At the press conference, the president of this public organization, César Rivera González; Jamaican artist "Eek-A-Mouse", and Quino McWhinney, singer of Big Mountain, were all present. Regarding this upcoming event, César Rivera said the following:

Without a doubt, it is great opportunity for Playas de Rosarito as a tourist destination. A festival for the whole weekend that will help us to make people stay at hotels and will provide economic revenue to different businesses, restaurants, and other touristic service establishments.
Las Rocas Resort & Spa Rosarito Baja California
Las Rocas Resort & Spa Rosarito Baja California

The festival will begin on Friday, October 13 with a dinner made by Tijuana native Chef Santos Axel Chavira Robles, with his popular "neighborhood cuisine concept." The wine that will be paired with this dinner will come from vineyard Cava Maciel in Valle de Guadalupe. During this lovely evening there will be live music.

The dinner and the festival will take place at Las Rocas Resort & Spa in Playas de Rosarito. The price for the Friday event will be $1,000 pesos.

Saturday activities will begin early in the morning with breathing and relaxation exercises by the Baja Yoga team. At 4 PM, the reggae music festival will begin. The main headliner will be Jamaican musician Eek-a-Mouse (one of the most important representatives of this genre) as well as San Diego natives Big Mountain and Tijuana group Somos Unos, among others.

On Sunday, October 15, morning activities by the Baja Yoga team will continue. There will be a pool party with a live DJ, special musical performances, and live music in the afternoon.

Quino McWhinney from Big Mountain with Eek-a-Mouse
Quino McWhinney from Big Mountain with Eek-a-Mouse

Festival for a cause

Activist Quino McWhinney, singer and leader of Big Mountain, (one of the first groups to produce reggae music in Spanish), who has lived in the city of Ensenada for 11 years, stated that it is an honor to be part of this binational event where several groups from American and Mexican communities will participate for several reasons. The main one is to celebrate the life of children and provide them with an opportunity to change positively. On the other hand, he said that he had been wishing to be part of a festival focused on California and Baja California for a long time, as he hopes their cultures become one with time.

Eek-a-Mouse, who headlines the Baja Roots Festival's lineup, said that he was in favor of the activities proposed to aid the children of the home that will be benefited. He added that he has done humanitarian work throughout his whole life. In Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, Eek-a-Mouse economically sustains a school for children with limited resources.

César Hank, member of Somos Uno, invited the entire community of Tijuana and Baja California to attend this festival and to be part of this reggae musical experience.

We are inviting you all on the 13, 14, and 15, especially on October 14, to Las Rocas Resort & Spa, with the great Eek-a-Mouse. Come here and listen to good music, good roots music, Somos Uno, Big Mountain; wines from Valle de Guadalupe, with Chef Santos who lives here, good vibes, and all the support we are giving orphanages in Rosarito.

It should be noted that the price for the three days of this festival is $3,000 pesos and it includes lodging, dinner, and access to all activities during the three days of this festival. Cost per day is $1,000 pesos.

Tickets can be purchased online at:

Location of Las Rocas Resort & Spa

[i]Baja Roots Festival is organized by non-profit organization, Baja Angels of the Sea, to benefit the children's home Hacienda Victoria in Playas de Rosarito. All children attending the event will be able to enjoy artistic workshops during the festival.

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