Expo Tequila Tijuana 2023 will show off more than 50 tequila makers, tastings, and producer prices

This will be a 100% family friendly event. Learn all about it here!

Avenida Revolución will be filled with colors and flavors from 8th Street to 9th Street with Expo Tequila, the greatest event made that celebrates this famous drink.

Enjoy the tradition of tequila from Thursday, October 12 to Sunday, October 15 from 1 PM to 12 AM. Admissions will cost $150 pesos or $10 dollars and you can buy your tickets at the event's ticket booth.

It is a family friendly event and minors will be admitted for free, as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

What will you find in this latest edition?

Becoming a great attraction for local and southern Californian tourism, Expo Tequila will showcase more than 50 tequila makers with their newest products. Their goal is to make visitors experience a new face of this emblematic drink, showing them the different ways to drink tequila in a very artistic manner while finding the best in each sip.

Here we'll show you what you will enjoy this weekend during this exhibition:


A diverse group of tequila makers will show up at this event and they will present more than 60 different tequila labels that you'll be able to try. One of the main exhibitors will be Casa Pochteca and Mujeres del Tequila who, besides these traditional liquors, will offer blackberry wine and their premium product, Tequila Pochteca.

Regional music performances

There will be several performances by solo artists and bands, dancing, and folkloric dances.

There will also be mariachi bands in every single day of the exhibition to whom you'll be able to ask for any song you want.

Sierreño and norteño groups will also participate on Thursday and Friday.

"This will be the traditional country norteño and sierreno," organizers of the event explained, so that the family friendly atmosphere remains at all times.

On Saturday, Ana Victoria, local artist, will perform norteña cumbia so that you can enjoy some dancing.

Regarding the ranchero genre, Julissa Guadalupe and Antonio Funes will delight you with their beautiful voices to the melody of mariachi.

These, and many more artists, will perform at Expo Tequila 2023.

Gastronomic area with traditional Mexican food

Huaraches, chiles en nogada, tacos, quesadillas, and even seafood will be part of the delicacies that you can eat at Expo Tequila 2023. And of course, you will also be able to try the iconic Caesar Salad.

In addition, you'll be able to try the original "Chamuco" by the pioneers who sell "Jarritos Estilo Tijuana".

Regarding children, there will be an exclusive area for kids where they'll able to eat hot dogs, burgers, and pizza.

Queen of Expo Tequila Pageant

Participants who want to become the Queen of Expo Tequila will have to compete in 3 stages which will take place during 3 days starting on Friday, October 13 at 3 PM.

On Friday, October 13, candidates will be presented; on Saturday, October 14, they will represent a type of tequila, and on Sunday, October 15, the winner will be crowned on the last day of the exhibition.

Queen of Expo Tequila 2022.
Queen of Expo Tequila 2022.

A 100% family friendly event

Many times, we feel that because this is an event for tequila, children cannot come. However, this is not true, as having a good time with your family is the most important part of Expo Tequila. In each edition, one can see children, young people, and adults enjoying delicious gastronomy and musical variety.

"We have followed all the rules requested by authorities to be able to have this event with very pleasant and safe logistics and it is very beautiful to see a family completely enjoying the event regarding its artistic merits, as we will have artistic performances during these four days," Mario Alberto Murrieta Arellano, director of the organizing committee of Expo Tequila, stated.

Mario Alberto Murrieta Arellano.
Mario Alberto Murrieta Arellano.

The impact of Expo Tequila

Expo Tequila is the only event in Baja California that promotes and gathers the culture of tequila and the influence of regional gastronomy, delighting visitors of both Californias.

In addition, it is a meeting point for businesses as tequila makers are able to position their products. By bringing them to the event, they are able to establish themselves and offer sales in the city's liquor stores. The day after the event, one can find some of the tequilas at stores in Avenida Revolución.

An event that will change your perception of tequila

Usually, tequila is associated with parties and as something that can only be drunk on shots or mixed with something sweet to contain its strong flavor. However, just like events in the city, tequila has also innovated.

When Expo Tequila started 23 years ago, tequila was usually strong, always from the same classic barrels, and it had a flavor that could even be considered irritating as it burned the throat when drunk.

Nowadays, tequila makers have innovated by using cognac, whiskey, and red wine barrels, looking for new ways so that people can consume this strong drink; they even created a tequila made of hibiscus.

"For example, it is no longer a white tequila: it is called tequila plata, because it is used in extrañejo (extra mature) barrels. That's why if you try it, you get these touches," Gabriela Sauceda, promoter of Tequila Selecto de Amatitán, explained.

Gabriela Sauceda.
Gabriela Sauceda.

Without a doubt, tequila continues to be one of Mexico's greatest prides as it has a designation of origin, which means that tequila can only be made and produced in our country.

Binational attendance is expected

Estimating around 900 visitors each day, Expo Tequila is preparing the best for local and foreigner visitors. That is why in each of its 50 tequila stands, there will be a certified person in charge of answering questions from visitors.

It should be noted that in this edition, there will be more than tequila as there will be 1 stand where you will be able to try mezcal, bacanora, and raicilla.

This event is very significant for American tourists, as they are the #1 client of this drink. More than 243 million liters have been exported in 2023, and though tequila exhibitions take place in this country, they don' t allow sales or tastings as in Expo Tequila. Here you'll have the opportunity to taste the tradition and buy at producer prices whichever tequila you want.

This is why Expo Tequila continues to stand out, as hundreds of people travel to Tijuana from southern California in order to try the best tequilas nationwide.

Seeing the success and importance of tequila in Mexican people, similar events inspired by this one have taken place, but Expo Tequila is the pioneer and it began in Tijuana.

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