Never-before-seen paintings in Mexico by Salvador Dalí will come to CECUT

Travel through art in CECUT with "Entre Sueños y Volcanes. El paisaje en la Colección Ayala-Muñiz".

Sometimes, artists have a gift to create copies of their environment so similar to the world that it looks as if a piece of landscape was cut and pasted on a canvas.

Perseverance, dedication, and practice by painters throughout history has made them capable of dominating color, texture, and light to create scenes in paintings that are still amazing people to this day.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of "El Cubo", modern painting techniques and traditions are being celebrated at the "Entre Sueños y Volcanes. El paisaje de la Colección Ayala-Muñiz" exhibition where oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings representing scenes inspired by beautiful landscapes, such as volcanoes, will be shown.

Painting: Jorge Obregón
Painting: Jorge Obregón

This exhibition consists of more than 60 paintings by famous painters of the 20th and 21st centuries such as: Sofía Bassi, Camille Pisarro, Salvador Dalí, Feliciano Béjar, Byron Gálvez, Germán Gedovius, Gunther Gerszo, Francisco Goitia, Guillermo Gómez Mayorga, and Irma Grizá.

This gallery is showing a diversity of paintings, aesthetic narratives, and it is an opportunity to discover new worlds through art.

Painting: Jorge Obregón
Painting: Jorge Obregón

Entre Sueños y Volcanes. El paisaje en la Colección Ayala Muñiz will be in Tijuana for a short season

Discover the Entre Sueños y Volcanes. El paisaje en la Colección Ayala-Muñiz exhibition, which will offer the public a trip through languages and spaces.

This wonderful exhibition will be in the city until March 2024 at Sala 3 in El Cubo at Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), an institution of the Secretariat of Federal Culture.

This exhibition will present landscapes through literature; that's why, at this exhibition there will be some poem excerpts that will create a universe where two forms of expression, lyrics and paintings, become inseparable.

Entre Sueños y Volcanes focuses on two aspects: landscape as a form of expression and as geological data. In addition, each painting will be accompanied by a text explanation that will help the public understand the differences and characteristics of each artistic movement with the goal of helping the viewer identify the components behind each project so that they can discover and appreciate universal art.

Painting: Salvador Dalí
Painting: Salvador Dalí

Visit three exhibitions at El Cubo

Tickets to enter El Cubo museum will be available at CECUT ticket booths and online at On Sundays, admission is free and you will be able to access the three art rooms.

Discover "Arte y Resistencia", an exhibition with a community base that reflects the reality of the country's native people that will allow the public to recognize and relate the cultural characteristics of each community.

The exhibition "David Cerny: Rebelión" will also be taking place. Among his works of art, there are the famous "Tower Babies", a project that consists of giant babies that are more than 2 meters tall with barcodes instead of faces. Cerny makes social and political critique through his artwork.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM and the prices are: $50 pesos per adult, $30 pesos for children, and admissions are free on Sundays.

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