Don Miguel Ruiz, Tijuana native writer of "The Four Agreements", provides a spiritual journey through Toltec philosophy

Don Miguel Ruiz's work has forged a spiritual road based on the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs

Among the endless number of self-help books, the ones written by Don Miguel Ruiz continue to create discussion and new readers. His work, based on Toltec wisdom, has created a spiritual guide for all of his followers.

Don Miguel Ruiz is a Mexican writer and orator. He is the youngest of thirteen siblings, all of whom are part of a family of healers. In his youth, he had an ancient Toltec education. Despite having studied medicine and worked as surgeon, a car accident changed his perspective putting him on a path of self-reflection and self-help based on Toltec knowledge.

In 1997, "The Four Agreements", his first book, was published, which is the one he is most famous for among readers and which has given him fame among authors who write about spiritual and self-help topics. The Four Agreements is the sum of Toltec knowledge. Here you can find universal concepts about pre-Hispanic cosmogony applied to everyday life. This is a practical tool, a guide for humans; everything is meant to feed self-love and human integrity.

The Four Agreements:

The same year as The Four Agreements, "Beyond Fear" was published. This book, made up of the basic elements of Toltec philosophy, is meant to guide the reader towards a path of freedom and happiness.

Beyond Fear:

In 2002, he published "The Mastery of Love", a book whose goal is to illuminate beliefs and suppositions based on the fear that destroys love. Despite the book's title being about love, its content is actually based on experiencing the ending of love and its consequences. Regarding these problems, the book offers a different and renewed look at true love.

The Mastery of Love:

Two years later, "The Voice of Knowledge" was published. This book reminds us that the key to fighting emotional suffering is to stop believing in the lies created by false beliefs.

The Voice of Knowledge

Lastly, in 2012, "The Fifth Agreement" was published, which is a continuation of his first book. In this new book, the author writes alongside his son José Ruiz, introducing a fifth agreement so that the reader can be more deeply aware of the power of their true self, and recover the authenticity with which every human is born.

The Fifth Agreement:

Don Miguel Ruiz's work is a guide where ancient Toltec culture and wisdom flow. Its only goal is spiritual healing and to explore one's consciousness more deeply. The reach of these books have made them popular among internationally renowned celebrities such as American football player Tom Brady and American host and actress Oprah Winfrey, and it has led the author to appear in several different shows that reach a global audience. Its importance in current society is without a doubt.

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