Governor Marina del Pilar: Baja California is becoming the capital of creativity

The state governor highlighted the acknowledgement received by the city of Mexicali

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, highlighted that the state has become the national capital of creativity, as it is the only one with two cities recognized by UNESCO. Recently, Mexicali was recognized as a creative city due to its music. On the other hand, Ensenada had previously received an acknowledgement due to its internationally renowned gastronomy.

The state governor pointed out that Mexicali's search for this distinction began when she was the mayor of the 22nd Municipal Administration of Mexicali, as a way to recognize the musicians in the capital of the state with an international reach who have placed the name of Baja California in high places in stages around the world.

It should be noted that Mexicali was the only Mexican city that was able to get this distinction by UNESCO, alongside 54 additional cities around the world with their own cultures and artistic forms of expression.

In addition, she said that by joining this group, Ensenada and Mexicali are committed to develop good practices to promote creativity and develop connections with public and private institutions in order to strengthen creation, production, distribution, and spread of cultural goods and services.

Creativity and innovation areas will also be developed to increase the opportunities of professional creators to increase their reach. Access and participation in cultural life of society's most vulnerable groups will also be improved, integrating their culture and creativity fully in these sustainable development plans.

Marina del Pilar added that Mexicali and Ensenada are already internationally recognized and have prestige regarding the music and gastronomy that is produced here. In addition, there is greater advantage regarding economic boost, as belonging to this groups can create significant economic opportunities, attract tourism, investment, and music-related events. This can promote the growth of the local musical industry and benefit other related sectors such as tourism, the hotel industry, and creative services.

On the other hand, the creative city network by UNESCO promotes cultural exchange among the cities that are included, as they share their knowledge, experience, better practices, and in Mexicali's case, possibilities to enrich the local musical scene by exposing it to different styles, techniques, and influences. At the same time, this network can create a positive impact to benefit Mexicali native musicians who will be able to collaborate with artists from other creative cities around the world.

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