First Mexicana de Aviación airplane is ready to begin operations

The Boeing 737 airplane model recently carried out a test flight to Tijuana, before it was inaugurated

The new Mexicana de Aviación airline continues to prepare to begin operations on December 26, stated the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

So far, it has been revealed that their first Boeing 737 airplane model is ready. This was revealed with the airline's new image at Aeropuerto del Norte in Monterrey a few days ago, demonstrating that the airplane is having its last details ironed out for its first flight right after Christmas.

The new Mexicana de Aviación is managed by the Secretariat of Nationial Defense (SEDENA) and the models agreed upon are Boeing 737-800, with capacity for 130 travelers.

The federal government stated previously that for Mexicana de Aviación to begin operations they will use three Boeing airplanes and pointed out that they are in the progress of changing the equipment's military plates to civilian plates.

According to the airline's plans, it will arrive in 9 destinations during its first stage. Although the plan was for 20, due to the lack of airplane deliveries, SEDENA modified the routes.

However, it should be noted that the airline still has no permits from AIFA and the Federal Aviation Agency.

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Mexicana de Aviación airplane arrives in Tijuana

According to Excelsior, the first Mexicana de Aviación test flight took place at the Tijuana International Airport "Abelardo L. Rodríguez" and it arrived at 3 PM on Saturday, December 16.

This first trip was made by a Boeing 737-800, with plates XA-ASM, and it was a flight with no passengers.

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