Couple loses everything after heavy rain in Tijuana floods their home

The victims, who live together with their dogs, suffered the storm's damages which is why they are asking the community for support

Mrs. Silvia Guzmán is one of those affected by the floods that struck the city of Tijuana early this week.

A neighbor of Colonia Fidel Velázquez, she suffered the damages caused by the storm that arrived in the border region and caused irreparable harm.

Water broke into Mrs. Silvia's home, after an alleged fall of a truck into a drain which blocked a pipe and caused water to stagnate.

The flood reached great heights and infiltrated into the home, damaging clothes, groceries, documents, and personal belongings. Videos show the family trapped in one of their rooms, trying to safeguard themselves and helping their dogs get out of the water.

Despite them starting to get all of their belongings out of the house while cleaning, the mud destroyed everything, which is why this couple is asking the community for support through GoFundMe.

If you wish to donate and support this couple, you can do so at the following link:

Other damages caused by rain in Tijuana

The storm affected other areas such as Vía Rápida, Mariano Matamoros, and Ribera del Bosque; the latter was completely flooded, which is why some neighbors were forced to tear down a wall.

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In the streets, cars and trucks were affected and some were left stranded or were dragged by the water currents.

In addition, 150 people were rescued at two schools located in Otay Centenario: Colegio Bilingüe Rey and Colegio Alamar.

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